Helping Montana Kids Move

Through School Activity Clubs

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About the Program

Fit Kids Club is a program of Montana's Big Sky State Games, funded by The Foundation for Healthy Montanans.

The grant allows for 100 Montana Schools to participate. Schools will be selected through an application process and facilitated by a health enhancement teacher or qualified individual.

If selected, a $1,000 grant will be provided to the Club's faciliator or school's physical education program.

Fit Kids Club Program Runs From February 1 through May 1

Fit Kids Clubs meet before or after school with students participating in 90 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week.

30 Minutes
3X Per Week

45 Minutes
2X Per Week




The Fit Kids Clubs require that children participate in a total of 90 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week for 3 months, from Feb 1 through May 1.

  • This can take place before or after school
  • Can be in two 45-minute intervals or three 30-minute intervals each week
  • And must be in addition to recess and/or physical education class


Before the program can begin, Big Sky State Games must receive a signed agreement that details Big Sky State Games expectations of you and your Club, and what you can expect of the Fit Kids Club program and staff. The $1,000 grant will not be awarded if the signed agreement is not on file.


Talk to your students about Fit Kids Club and invite them to participate. Include an invitation to participate in the school newsletter and make sure it’s mentioned in school announcements. Send students home with a note or two over the course of a couple weeks so parents know about the program. Let parents know what the program is, when it begins, what general expectations are, who they can contact for more information, and that you would love for their child to participate!


Once parents and/or guardians decide that their child will participate, they must sign and return the waiver/release of liability forms before their child can participate in any part of the program. Students cannot participate in the program until a signed waiver is received.




Start making plans about what activities your Club will be doing and where they’ll be doing them! If selected, you'll receive a program guide with activity ideas to help with this process.


Confirm use of the facility or facilities that your Club will use for the duration of the program with all parties involved (e.g., the track, playground, and/or gymnasium).


Have the proper equipment ready for the activities you have planned (e.g., jump ropes or balls).

Food and Drink

Ask students to bring a water bottle or make sure a water fountain is easily accessible. For morning sessions, encourage students to bring a small, healthy snack to enjoy after activity, before school begins. If snacks are encouraged, consider having snacks available for students who do not/can not come with one.

Shoes and Clothing

Make sure students have appropriate clothing, such as shoes, shorts, and/or jackets. Scenarios to think about: Will you go outside if the weather is cold? Will you have students participate in the clothes they wear to school?



Logging Online

Each time your Fit Kids Club meets attendance must be logged. Your login credentials are setup during the application process which provides access your Fit Kids Club dashboard online. On your dashboard, your team’s weekly attendance, activity level and activities will be logged. This information must be logged at the end of each week. Tracking attendance is a key measurement piece of the program.

Physical Activity

Another measurement piece will be by way of physical activity. We want to know how your participants’ activity levels improved over the course of the program. A timed 400 meter dash from the first and last days of the program can offer a general idea as to how much overall fitness levels increased.